Yep, It’s Allergy Season


Along with spring flowers and sunshine come allergens like pollen, spores and grasses that can cause irritating eye allergies. Take these steps to keep eye allergies at bay!

Check the pollen counts
Many news and weather stations report the pollen count and there’s a pollen count app!

Wear sunglasses
Not only do sunglasses protect retinas from UV radiation, they also serve as a great barrier between eyes and airborne allergens.

Wash your hands often
Frequent hand washing will prevent the pollen and spores transfer from your hands to your sensitive eyes.

Control your symptoms
A cool compress can soothe irritated eyes and saline eye drops can help flush out allergens. Decongestant eye drops are made specially for allergies and can provide significant relief. Oral antihistamines can reduce symptoms, but may cause dry eyes.

Carefully treating your eye allergies should lessen or eliminate symptoms for most people; contact your nearest Sexton Vision Group if you have severe or prolonged symptoms.