Top 10 Tips for Eye Health


Eyes are precious and our vision is a great treasure indeed. They enable us to visualize the beauty of nature and experience the world. These glorious pieces of natural engineering are superlative having no comparison, even the world’s most leading mechanical lens can not replace their worth. These are the sensors of light that detect light and convert them into impulses and therefore enabling the humans to distinguish about ten million colors. Eyes are like windows that easily express our mood and also a great reflection of our souls. Can you imagine the life without them? Here we have a list of top 10 best tips for eye care that should be followed for optimum eye health.

10. Keep Away Your Eyes From Sharp Objects And Chemicals
Eyes are sensitive organs that are more prone to injuries and should be well guarded. Extra care is required while dealing with something that can be damaging for eyes. Chemicals like Sulphuric acid and Hydrochloric acid should be keep at a safe range from eyes and the same is true for fire crackers and some sharp object as the tremendous damage they can cause to eyes is mostly difficult or impossible to treat.

9. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes
Many of the people have the bad habit of rubbing their eyes, some times they feel helpless regarding what to do in case of an irritant but remember not ever even try to rub your eyes, once you do it will be difficult to resist yourself from further doing. Keep one thing in mind that while rubbing your eyes you are allowing each type of dust, dirt and germs to enter in your eyes through your hands. People do not bother to wash their hands before touching their eyes and as a result the eyes suffer from various infections and allergies and if there is some irritant in eye that can also cause damage to eyes. So, never touch your eye with dirty hands and don’t rub them too.

8. Use Good Quality Makeup For Eyes
Beauty conscious girls who don’t want to spoil their skin beauty by applying low quality cosmetics on their skin should do the same for the eyes. Although the world’s renowned cosmetics companies like MAC, Lakme and L’Oreal have very expensive cosmetics including eyeliner, eye shadows and mascaras and some girls instead of paying such high amounts choose eye cosmetics that are cheaper and of low quality. These cheap non branded products can cause excessive damage to your eyes in the form of itching, swelling and infection and you have to pay tremendous amount to doctors for gaining your eyes health so its better to not to compromise with quality as it matters a lot.


7. Use Sunglasses
Ultraviolet radiations of the sun are not only harmful for the skin but also for the eyes, so it is better to wear sunglasses while going out in the sun. These Ultraviolet radiations may case cancer of the skin around the eyes and also trigger cataract formation. The harmful radiations of the sun may cause damage to retina and effect vision and also lead to wrinkle formation around the eyes. Sunglasses look appealing and add charm to your personality but in fact it is a shield that guards your eyes.


6. Eye Masks
Some home remedies and tricks are simply outstanding and show miraculous effects that are difficult to get from some other way. All of us know about the home remedies for resolving dark circles and puffiness beneath eyes. So, nourish your eyes with potato, tomato and cucumber slices as they make your eyes fresh and shinning. You can take a slice of cucumber, tomato or potato, apply them on your eyes and relax for 15-20 minutes. These miraculous tips will show miraculous effects in just two and three days and you will yourself see their amazing effects


5. Wear Your Spectacles
If your doctor has recommended you to wear glasses due to weakening of eye sight or due to some other problem then you should have to. You may think that the glasses do not suit you or what your friends and family members will say, but listen it does not mean that you stop wearing them or discard them as doing this all will ruin your eyes health more. In today’s advanced period various styles of glasses and lenses are available that can definitely suit your personality, but lenses are not suitable for routine use, so choose a glasses that match your personality and face everyone with confidence. Some peoples do not obey doctor commands during early symptoms of eye problems and at the end the symptoms aggravate and they feel sorry for their act.

4. Frequently Wash Your Eyes And Properly Remove Eye Makeup
For improving eye’s health and shine it is better to frequently wash your eyes with fresh water. If you are washing your eyes with water at regular intervals then it will definitely remove any irritant or undesirable substance and will make your eyes clean and clear. Girls apply heavy eye make up and do not bother to remove this make up before going to bed at night. They get lazy but they do not know that prolonged make up of any brand may cause damage to your eyes and skin, as if you leave the make up on the eyes for long duration of time the certain chemicals present in make up may lead to some serious consequences. So, it is highly recommended to wash your eyes and properly remove eye make up before going to sleep.


3. Keep A Distance From Computer And Television
No doubt television is a source of knowledge and entertainment and the same is true for computer. But continuously staring on computer and television screens strains you eyes and is also unhealthy for eye’s retina, leading to vision problems, unable to drive or read smoothly. Once the eye’s health is lost it is difficult to regain so if you want to use computer and television do precautionary measurements, maintain a safe distance from the screen, blink your eyes after some time and restrict yourself to stare continuously on screen and most importantly not use these things for a long period of time as it will injustice with your eyes.

2. Avoid Smoking And Breathe In Fresh Air
Smoking is injurious to health we all know, but it is also injurious to eyes it sounds strange. Cigarettes contain nicotine that is a harmful ingredient and has hazardous consequences. Smoking enhances the risk of cataract formation and also leads to retinal damage, it also decreases the blood flow in the body which can cause damage to optic nerves. Smoking can also cause chronic redness of eyes and even passive smoke can lead to dry eye syndrome and allergic eye conditions in children. Drinking and smoking leads to pre mature aging and make your eyes red, sunken and puffy. Don’t you think you should not spoil your looks and health? So avoid smoking and breathe in fresh air.

1. Eat A Healthy Diet
Nothing can be more beneficial for your eyes health rather than healthy and balanced diet. A healthy diet comprising of foods rich in Vitamin C and E, Lutein, Zinc, zeaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids is extremely good for not only general health but also for eye’s health.
These nutrients keep the eyes fresh and healthy and reduce the risk of cataract, age related muscular degeneration and dry eyes later in life. Carrots, fish and green vegetables are too good for eyes, especially the beta carotene present in carrots enhances the vision and improve functioning of retina. So, have a healthy diet with healthy eyes and enjoy the beauties of nature and this world.


Source: Get Top Tens