Happy 4th of July!


Sexton Vision Group wishes all our patients a very Happy 4th of July!

However, we feel obligated to remind you to protect your peepers! Did you know that each year there are about 1500 eye injuries caused by fireworks? Some of the most commonly experienced eye injuries from fireworks are burns, lacerations, abrasions, retinal detachment and optic nerve damage.

As you prepare to celebrate America’s birthday, please keep these safety tips in mind:

Contact your local fire department if a firework does not explode to properly handle it.

Never let children play with fireworks. Even sparklers can be very dangerous to young children.

ALWAYS wear approved protective eyewear if you plan on detonating fireworks.

Abide by ALL safety barricades and give yourself extra room well behind them at least 500-1000 feet away!

Leave building and launching professional grade fireworks to the professionals.

If you are injured from fireworks, seek medical attention immediately. Be sure to follow these safety tips to help prevent making the injuries worse:

Do not remove any objects that are stuck in or protruding from your eye.

Do not rinse or add solution to your eye.

Do not rub your eyes.

If any foreign objects enter the eye do not take any painkillers that will cause your blood to thin such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

Have fun and be careful out there!!